WAN party with Windows 7.

Some days ago when we few friends meet carrying our laptop we try to play the game with each other, connecting the laptop to a local access point… and if there is absence of that access point then the day use to be worse…we only don’t get the medium to connect our laptop and enjoy the game. And also if we forget to carry the AP then also we were ruined to our whole plan…but not those days were like to be old….we don’t need to carry any router or any other medium to connect our laptops. It has been easy to us since we have installed the windows 7. Yes, it was also in Windows vista…but the configuration was a little bit harsh to make connect, and now in the Windows 7 it has made us easy to connect our laptops. Easy to share files, Documents, media and of course to play game in the network.

Here I am trying to share how to make my own laptop with Windows 7 operating system a router…a Access point.

1. Click on your Network Icon at the Taskbar.       

2. Open Network Sharing Center.

3. Here opens your Network & Sharing Center. Try to create a new network connection in this window.

4. New window get pop-up, get to the bottom of the selection and select Set up the wireless ad hoc. Here comes the Introduction of ad hoc and also the criteria under which it works and click next.


5. Type your Network Name, Select your Security type and give your security key…. (Prefer to keep the Security key.)and click on Next.

So get click on next and finally we can see the following image and also you can see the new wireless network has been established in your network ICON at taskbar.

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