Exchange Database and Distribution Group Information

Hey, here again I am back with one of my script for the Exchange Administrator. This script is featured with the information gathering of the Databases within all the mailboxes of Exchange server with corresponding to the Space consumed by that specific database and the no. of users on that database. This Script not only allow us to monitor the status of our database co-relating with the no. of users on it but also allow to check the user mailbox activity that are happening on the Databases.


Similarly, adding up few feature on this script is to list down the Distribution group on our Exchange server with the no. of Members on that distribution group. Although the script of the Distribution Group info has not been so much of completed yet publishing it with Database information. If got some progress with it on the output will keep on updating.

Here is the link, where you can download this script as well below is the snapshot of the output.

Hoping to get you feedback on this.. 🙂

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