[How TO]Bulk UPLOAD of USER IN windows Server with Parameters ( Attributes)

This is Aerrow again back to the blogging Winking smile and back to the server again Open-mouthed smile…. on the server when we make it ready and up there is always the problem of adding users with all the required attributes… and that also on the bulk mode ….. but the problem is how do we do this??? how do we know what are the require attributes and how do we find it out. so let us move with hands on lab first let us know what are require for the attributes to be filled while making the bulk upload of the users. Once the required things are collected now we find out what are the attributes that are named for the collected DATA .

Now as we have collected the data let us create a new user manually to find out the name of the attributes. Once you have created a single USER,

On Active Directory Users and Computer Window

Go to—> View –> and enable Advance View

Once the Advance View is enabled go to the properties of the USER and view the attributes properties …. here we can find all the attributes name required to be filled for the user.

Attribute editor

Once you collect the name of the attribute we can create the EXCEL sheet and start to get populate the users. Here I have a sample of it’s Excel user import

Here I have sampled the attributes from the attributes editors like objectclass, displayName, givenName, sAMAccountName, userPrincipalName and dn.

Here Object Class define the what type of object we are trying to get import … it can be of User or Group or OU ( Organizational Unit) that depends upon the type of object wanted to get import. here I have used user to get import so used the objectClass of user.

Similary DisplayName is the name that will get display when the user logon to the system.

userPrincipalName gives the logon user name for where as sAMAccountName defines the logon name of pre-windows 2000.

Now the most complex part is of the ‘DN’ how to get it write properly.
here we do have 3 parts on the DN those are




Here CN gives the common Name, OU gives organization unit and DC gives the Domain controller name. For further help you can go to this  link too

the order of this distinguish name should be from lower to higher like the postal address we write. first should be the Common Name, than the OU and than only the DC.

once all this has been finished now go to the command prompt of the Server and user this command line to import the user on your active directory.

csvde –I –f  c:import.csv –k

Here C:import.csv is the location of the files.


Once this is complete just select all the user and make it enable because in server if the new user is created without the password than by default is is always disable.

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