[FIXED] Gadget Window disappear in Windows 7

Someday ago I was just tweaking my machine…i.e. windows 7….and it just gave me impact of gadget window disappear….whenever I try to open the gadget Window by right click on the desktop, to select the gadget I get no response…it was like I was having misfire every time. To fix it I ran out through the registry to the system files and etc….but it was too easy…I have never expect that it could be happen… I just checked my UAC it was disable…and that was the cause for misfire in the gadget windows of mine.Here I am providing some reasons why you cannot get you gadget window appear.

1. Due to disable in you UAC.

To fix it just simply go to your control panel in USER ACCOUNTS and enable the UAC.

note:- Never late your machine UAC disable…..it create a security hole. if someone suggest to disable UAC then it would be the most worst idea anyone can suggest you.

2. Feature of Gadget might be off.

To fix it go to control panel —> Program and Features

on the right of this window you can see the ‘Turn windows feature on or off’ click on it…and wait for while….it will take some time to load the contents….scroll down in this window you can see the ‘Windows Gadget Platform’ just make a check mark on it.viola…. now you can play with your gadget.

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