Virtualization Beyond the wall…

Few months ago I had blogged the virtual XP mode in the in Windows 7….Where you can use all your real hardware in the virtual mode of XP which was the great facility for us…if also our hardware was not capable to run in the Windows 7 we can easily go to the virtual mode and play the hardware…and I had given the example of my TV card which is compatible with the Windows XP but not with the Windows 7. But the only disadvantage of that virtual XP mode was that it is only accessible to the hardware or processor which support the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization (HAV) technology i.e. Virtualization. And lot of we have to check whether our processor supports the virtualization or not and also some of we may have got this error also.

But now the time has changed, thanks to the Microsoft research team. Who knew this disadvantage and allowed to run the Virtualization beyond the boundaries. Now I don’t need to have the process which supports the virtualization, But simply I need to have a update of Microsoft KB977206 which is available for Windows 7 systems which will remove this prerequisite and the system would be able to run Windows XP Mode and Virtual PC.

Here you can Download.

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