Boot Windows7 from your USB Drive

Last time when I tried to install the Windows 7 in my college Lab computer I get stuck due to the lack of CD-ROM in my Lab Computer. I need to open each casing join CD-ROM and to install the Operating System. So to get rid of this I thought to boot my windows 7 with my USB drive so I can easily install Windows 7 in my College Computer whenever I want without any extra labor of opening casing. So I goes through these process and get succeed to install Windows 7 without using CD-ROM. and this may help you guys too.

Here the steps are:-

First you need to download the software name MBRwiz which you can download form this link then you extract it to your any drive after that you follow this process….

1. Connect your USB Drive to your computer Format your USB drive

2. You can format USB Flash Drive by Going to My Computer -> Right click on USB drive and select Format from context menu.


3. Now go to Start Menu->run->cmd (Open Command Prompt) and Type following command, the command must be run under administrative privilege.


convert i: /fs:ntfs (Where “i” is your USB drive letter)


4. Mount Windows 7 iso as drive by any imaging tool.

5. Type Start->run->cmd

Now dir to directory where you have extracted MBRWiz and run following commands

mbrwiz /list (lists disk number of your USB Pen drive)

mbrwiz /disk=X /active= Y (X is Disk Number of your USB Drive and if Y=1 it makes enable active partition and 0 disables )



6. Now open another command window and type following command

J: (Drive letter of Windows 7 iso mounted with demon tool)

CD boot

bootsect /nt60 Y: (Y is drive letter of your USB drive )


7. Now copy all files from drive where you have mount Windows 7 iso

8. Now reboot your computer and press F2 or DEL to get your BIOS screen and select USB drive as your boot drive.

9. If everything goes fine, Your Windows 7 Installation should start from your USB drive.

Hope this will help you guys also….


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