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Windows Media Player skin for WINAMP…

If you are a music lover and use Winamp for listening your favorite songs, here is something interesting for you. Now the interference of WINAMP looks like as of the Window Media Player…….N you will love it when you know how perferct is the skin….feels you like using Window Media Player.

Changing Product key in Windows XP.

Genuine is the need of today. To respect the creator of the Product also we need to use the genuine software’s. and what if it is pirated one and we have to make it genuine. Also in our country Microsoft Unlimited is providing the genuine key of all products of Microsoft to all the students

Integrated XP on Windows 7….

Windows 7 a perfect client Operating System, a lot of new features on less memory consumption as well as high Performance and a lot of drivers having inside it. We the IT student are so much curious to the Windows 7 that we had started to use since the Beta version of it has been

Recover your Admin Password.

Many times we face this problem when we or our friends forget Windows XP password and can’t log into Windows. Such Kind of Problem was also faced by my self a lot of times,So here we are posting a few methods / utilities which can be used to recover Windows password:

Boot Windows7 from your USB Drive

Last time when I tried to install the Windows 7 in my college Lab computer I get stuck due to the lack of CD-ROM in my Lab Computer. I need to open each casing join CD-ROM and to install the Operating System. So to get rid of this I thought to boot my windows 7

Windows 7 Product Guide.

As I am interested in the New Product of Microsoft Windows 7 I started to get a material to learn more about it, when i completely get released. and now while searching i got that Microsoft has released an official Windows 7 product guide which is available in PDF and XPS formats for download.

Adjust time on Aero peek on windows 7

“Aero Peek” is a new feature in Windows 7 which has replaced the old “Show Desktop” shortcut. It can be found as a small rectangle present at the end of Taskbar. When you hover the mouse cursor over it, it allows you to peek behind all open windows by hiding all windows and showing only

Bing Wallpaper ::Download

Bing a decision search engine……View rate of Bing and use of it is been increasing rapidly….. It is a awesome search engine….not only search engine as i have mentioned before a awesome decision engine also……and I am one of the fan of it…..